From the Desk of Roy A. Goodson, CFSP - President

Dear Colleague,

We thank you for praying for Texas and the surrounding areas. As Hurricane Harvey makes another landfall and continues to pummel the Gulf Coast States with heavy rain and wind, massive and catastrophic flooding is expected to get worse in the days ahead.

Let our intentions be genuine by sending monetary donations through agencies, supplies, water, canned goods, baby and personal hygiene products and toiletries. Together we can assist families and communities in the recovery process that will continue long after water recedes.

Thank you for all of your heartfelt efforts. Continue to pray for our colleagues, families, friends and businesses.

To paraphrase a song, “If I can help somebody, as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”


Roy A. Goodson, CFSP

President, Alabama Funeral Directors and Morticians Association

AFD&MA News & Announcements

Reminder - Renewal Time

Anyone who has not renewed their apprentice certification, funeral establishment, funeral director, embalmer or practical embalmer license, may still do so with a $50.00 late penalty until October 31, 2017. If you fail to submit your paperwork and fee, including late penalty, for renewal by the October 31st deadline, the license(s) or certification will be considered lapsed. At which time the establishment (s) or individual must cease operations and or practice. Any paperwork and fees received after the October 31st deadline must go before the Board for reactivation approval in January and the licensee must cease practice or operation until the license has been reactivated.

ONLINE RENEWAL is available for individual licensees and establishment by going to the Homepage of the Alabama Board of Funeral Service website and click on the “ONLINE SERVICES” button.  A valid credit card will be needed to complete the online renewal. There will be a 4% administration fee added to each license that is renewed using the online system. - The website is

ATTENTION: All Alabama Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers

Annual Membership Fees Are Due. Please Click On The Membership Tab For Complete Info.

Newly elected officers at the AFD&MA 80th Convention:

  • Chairman of The Board, David Smith
  • President, Roy Goodson, CFSP
  • First Vice President, Paul Rollins, Jr.
  • Second Vice President, Ret. Capt. Terry Windham
  • Recording Secretary, Dr Crystal Whitfield
  • Assistant Recording Secretary, Ret. Sgt. Mary E. Curry
  • Financial Secretary, Beverleeann Madison
  • Treasurer, Chauncey Holt
  • Chaplain, Calvin Meadows, CFSP
  • Sergeants At Arm, Clarence Rice, CFSP & Calvin Meadows, Jr., CFSP

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Richardson Funeral Home of Clinton | 11816 Jackson Street | Clinton, LA 70722 - Details

A representative from OSHA has been in contact with us about a recent scam: Some members have been contacted by someone claiming to represent OSHA and is selling materials and important information. Please note that all information from OSHA is complimentary. OSHA is not selling anything for $299.00. If you have been contacted by this person or if you are contacted, please get all pertinent information that you possibly can, so that we can put a stop to this scam. - Details

U. S. Postal Service Changes on Cremated Remains: Details Members Area

Important Information from our State Secretary, Arlillian Kate Bushelon: Details in Members Area

Important Information on Fatality Management: MEMBERS Click Here

If you are interested in becoming a part of our dynamic organization please provide details of your professional qualifications by: Click Here and Email Us

Currently, ABFS and ADPH recommend that all Funeral Homes in this state do the following:

1. Visit the ADPH website at

a. - On the left hand side of the screen click on “Health Care Providers”

b. - At the bottom of the next screen under the heading “Additional Healthcare Resources” review the following links:

i. - Guidance for Safe Handling of Human Remains of Ebola Patients in U. S. Hospitals and Mortuaries

ii. - Medical Waste Management (These links will lead you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.)

2. Be prepared !

The ABFS feels that it is important that funeral homes be prepared for the possibility that they may be called on to provide services for an infected person, and if that be the case, ABFS wants the funeral professionals in this state to know how to protect themselves as well as the community they serve. This information is not meant to alarm anyone, only to inform. However it is our prayer that none of us have to encounter this deadly disease.

ABFS encourages everyone to continue to monitor the ADPH website and CDC website. As more information is release to ABFS we will be forwarding that information to our funeral professionals.